John WargoNational Sales Manager

    After a 20-year career with a Fortune 100 company, John turned his attention to Public Safety, and has spend the last 12 years concentrating on Emergency Preparedness, specifically in the healthcare environment.

    For 10 years, John was worked in Emergency Preparedness and Operations for a large health network. During that time, he assisted in coordination of emergency preparedness and crisis management activities, provided training and assisted in preparing plans and procedures for the mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from incidents that might impact the operations of the network, which include Hazardous Materials Decontamination Programs, Mass Casualty Response, and Incident Management. In his role, John acted as the Emergency Operations Department liaison to the Network Senior Management and Administrator-On-Call.

    Additionally, he served as a Communications Training Officer and Watch Officer in the Communications Center, as well as PST and Emergency Medical Dispatcher, where he gained experience with the Knowledge Center Information Management System both in the ICKC realm with our County interface, as well as HIMS with our network and other health networks in our region.
    John also worked as an EMT for the health network, as well as for a private, county-dispatched EMS agency. He holds ICS and CHS certifications.

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