Our Industries

Knowledge Center® software and services are extensible into any industry, improving Situational Intelligence™ by enhancing planning, coordination and delivery of support that saves lives, reduces suffering, protects property and assists in recovery from all hazards – when seconds matter!​


Healthcare Incident Management

Created for the specialized continuous use that healthcare incident management requires and unites real-time communication capabilities with Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) for triage, resource status, critical infrastructure, document management, and training exercises.

When Seconds Matter

During the 2015 World Meeting of Families, over 400 healthcare providers and emergency management personnel used Knowledge Center to achieve unsurpassed collaboration across domains. EMS personnel tracked 435 patients in Knowledge Center’s Healthcare Incident Management System (HIMS) who visited first aid tents, medical stations, and hospitals, monitoring initial visits to reunifications.


Emergency Management Agencies

Created to unite real-time communication capabilities within Emergency Management and responding agencies for ICS/NIMS-based incident, triage, resource status, critical infrastructure, document management and training exercises.

When Seconds Matter

As category 1 storm Sandy approached the East Coast, users from all levels of emergency management accessed Knowledge Center to plan, prepare, and create and maintain situational awareness in the upcoming hours, days and weeks. Throughout adverse weather, from major snow storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, and incidents and events of all sizes, Knowledge Center has always been available when managers and responders needed it most.



Created to aid in the business continuity plans and Incident Management frameworks deployed by Enterprise or Commercial Agencies.

When Seconds Matter

Knowledge Center provides notifications to key personnel, polls for status updates, and the details needed to effectively manage the common operating picture, as well as prepare for the mitigation and provide situational intelligence for an efficient response and recovery mission.

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