Stand-Alone Products
& Services

Knowledge Center provides specialized and interoperable products and services that allow for an unprecedented suite of functionality to optimize our proven incident management solution to fit your needs.

Knowledge Center Stand Along Products

Stand-Alone Products

Knowledge Center® Stand-Alone Products are robust, web-based and user-friendly software systems that provide innovative solutions to meet
your specific needs. Use them individually, or interoperate them with our Essential and Maxx product lines.

Knowledge Center Sara


Knowledge Center’s SARA Title III Reporting Management Solution (SRMS) provides an intuitive web-based system to satisfy SARA Title III reporting requirements, and invoicing of SARA facilities. SRMS facilitates sharing of Tier II information between LEPCs and Emergency Managers and is an invaluable decision support tool.

Knowledge Center Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment

Knowledge Center’s comprehensive Damage Assessment software allows for collection and aggregation of damage assessment data directly from the field via mobile devices. Windshield Survey, Initials, IA, PA and JPDA forms are at the user’s fingertips, enabling creation of reports that match Federal format requirements, saving you time and money.

Stand-Alone Services

Knowledge Center provides dedicated training, project management, program management, and data management packages to support you in managing planned events, scheduled exercises, and the data integrity of your system.

Knowledge Center Training

Knowledge Center™ includes 24 hours of customer training with each contract. Training consists of combinations of Basic, Advanced, Administrator, and Train-the-Trainer sessions.

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  • Sessions are conducted in 1.5 hour blocks via webinar, accessing the Customer Training site.
  • Training classes are coordinated and scheduled within the first 30 days of a deployment.
  • Initial rounds of Basic training classes are followed by a period for users to become comfortable with those skills, which is then followed by a round of Advanced training.
  • Administrator training is limited to select participants as identified by the Customer.
  • Train-the-Trainer classes assume that participants are familiar and well versed in teaching adult learners and focus participants on how to teach the Basic or Advanced class.
  • Additional training is available by request and can be scheduled for onsite, as needed.

Knowledge Center Dedicated Support

Knowledge Center has embarked on an ambitious journey to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers by providing dedicated account management teams with industry domain knowledge. Engage our qualified personnel for onsite support and create the utmost efficiency for your Event and/or Exercises.

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  • Event /Exercise Support: Engage qualified Knowledge Center personnel with domain expertise to assist you during planned events and scheduled exercises, creating hands on training and user efficiency.
  • Centralized Data Management: Professional assistance to maintain and support your data integrity needs, providing no-fuss data verification and loading to save you time and resources.

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