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Knowledge Center is empowering the State of Nebraska to contain costs, manage risks, and utilize a common, interoperable preparedness structure when threatened by critical events. With a state-wide implementation of Knowledge Center’s incident management technology platform, first responders and healthcare providers are now able to streamline coordination and documentation.

The deployment of Knowledge Center’s incident management platform in Nebraska provides a common operating picture for every hospital, long-term care facility, and health department in the state, as well as all 93 counties’ emergency management responders, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, and various state agencies. Emergency preparedness professionals in Nebraska now have a single source of truth and the latest proactive situational intelligence for any crisis.

Knowledge Center’s incident management platform is uniquely comprehensive, allowing the seamless sharing of information across all critical incident management functions. Knowledge Center’s holistic solution includes incident logs, resource management, critical infrastructure, patient triage and transport as well as bed availability monitoring. “The crises we face today often involve response from multiple agencies and several health care facilities. A common operating picture across multiple entities involved in the response is more critical now than ever,” said Marcus J. Mollmann, CEO, Knowledge Center.

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