Track, share and visualize mission critical data
to eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.
Our comprehensive, integrated platform accessible with a single-sign-on
provides enterprise-wide visibility and interoperability.
Incident, resource, infrastructure and document management integrated with patient tracking and automated after-action reporting saves lives, ensures compliance and mitigates risk.

We Enhance Decision-Making During A Critical Incident

To Save Lives And Mitigate Risk

Situational Intelligence

Situational Intelligence

Track, share and visualize mission critical data across your enterprise to achieve a common operating picture during a critical event.
Mission Ready

Mission Ready

Off-the-shelf incident management solution preserves IT resources and integrates with existing systems to ensure seamless exchange of data.
Comprehensive Capabilities

Comprehensive Capabilities

Real-time communication with incident, resource, infrastructure and document management alongside patient triage, tracking and reunification.
Tested Reliability

Tested Reliability

Developed by and for industry experts and battle tested by over 290,000 incidents managed over 15 years.
SaaS Always Up-To-Date

Always Up-To-Date

SaaS platform is always up-to-date to remain in regulatory compliance and meet changing market demands.
Enterprise Interoperability

Enterprise Interoperability

Enterprise-wide visibility and interoperability from
a single instance with a single-sign-on.
  • The value of Knowledge Center® during the 2015 Amtrak Train incident was best summarized by Mark Ross, Regional Manager for the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, who was intimately involved in the preparations and response, “The use of Knowledge Center®’s HIMS system was invaluable to the response and coordination of the incident. In particular, the Patient Tracking and Reunification function, allowed us to account for and reunite patients with their family members at a speed never before achieved for an incident of this magnitude”.

    Mark Ross Regional Manager for the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
  • “The support staff at Knowledge Center® was a valuable asset to our team in preparations for the RNC event. They assisted us in the precise configuration we needed to obtain our goals in using the software effectively in the Cleveland Emergency Operations Center (EOC)” says Alex Pellom, EOC Manager for the City of Cleveland, Ohio.  “The Event Structure in the software mirrored ICS Command, Finance, Logistics, Operations, and Planning functions so it was easy to relate situational awareness to our support functions in the EOC” said Pellom.

    Alex Pellom Cleveland Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Robert J. Kagel, Director for Emergency Services for Chester County, had this to say about KC’s connectivity and value, “Knowledge Center®, once again, served as a valuable tool during our response to Hurricane Sandy. The software enhanced our Situational Intelligence™... It also serves as the single repository of information concerning this event creating a historical snapshot of what Hurricane Sandy did to Chester County. This is important for not only reimbursement reasons but also as we complete an After Action Report, update our Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, and serves as a tool for future planning for future generations when they are faced with similar circumstances.”

    Robert J. Kagel Director for Emergency Services for Chester County
  • "Recently promoted to EMA Director for Crawford County, I was quickly challenged to learn and use the Incident Command Knowledge Center (ICKC) system because our county fair was beginning.  The Crawford County Fair is the largest county agricultural fair east of the Mississippi River! In my career I’ve tried other systems. With no previous or formal training, I began to use ICKC to track resources and manage the event. I found that once I was securely logged into ICKC, I had access to numerous entities from various levels of public safety, who actively coordinated together with live minute-to-minute real time information as data entered the system.  Knowledge Center is the best one for our profession. The first thing I do in the mornings before I make my coffee is log into Knowledge Center to be immediately connected to what is going on throughout the multi-state region," said Clark.
    Above is an excerpt from Clark's testimonial.  Full Testimonial here

    Allen W. Clark Deputy Director for EMA Crawford County Department of Public Safety

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Our Products

Our product offerings provide a common operating picture during a critical event to achieve real-time Situational Intelligence™ and informed response.


Incident Command Knowledge Center (ICKC)

Created for the specialized continuous use that both government and private industry emergency management requires, Knowledge Center’s ICKC creates a real-time common operating picture and integrates resources though a virtual collaborative environment.


Healthcare Incident Management System (HIMS)

Created for the specialized continuous use that healthcare requires, Knowledge Center’s HIMS unites real-time communication capabilities with Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) based incident, resource, critical infrastructure and document management as well as patient triage, tracking and reunification.


Volunteer Management Platform (VM)

VM provides volunteer self-registration, records management and ECL assignment as well as the ability to alert, survey, deploy and track volunteers through the lifecycle of an incident. VM aligns with the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professional (ESAR-VHP) guidelines.


Damage Assessment

Knowledge Center’s comprehensive Damage Assessment software provides the capability to collect and aggregate damage assessment data directly from the field via mobile devices.


SARA Reporting

Knowledge Center’s SARA Reporting Management Solution provides an intuitive web-based system to satisfy SARA Title III reporting requirements, and invoicing of SARA facilities.


KC in Action

Battle tested through nearly 300,000 small- and large-scale events,  demonstrating the highest level of availability and reliability across the industry.

Tested Reliability


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