The Knowledge Center Essential product line unites real-time communication capabilities with incident and document management tools. Essential provides the features necessary to keep you aware and informed to effectively manage the demands of a planned or crisis situation.


Core Essential Features

The Knowledge Center Essential service provides the basic features you need to
manage events, exercises and incidents for small- and large-scale events.


Unlimited User Accounts

The Knowledge Center subscription allows for an unlimited number of user accounts to support a coordinated response with multiple agencies, while providing user account administrators the ability to control data access with multi-level security.


Incident Management

Knowledge Center provides fully integrated incident management tools and capabilities through an integrated Incident Command System / National Incident Management System (ICS/NIMS) implementation to support the management of multiple simultaneous incidents, events, and exercises.


24/7 Support

Knowledge Center provides dedicated account teams to support your needs. Help Desk support is available during business hours and 24/7 Incident Support provides instant access phone support during disaster incidents and special events.


Common Operating Picture

Knowledge Center provides a common operating picture across a multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency support and response environment. ’s Parent/Child incident structure allows data to flow from the lowest level to the highest, aggregating data and resources in the process.


Alert Management

Knowledge Center provides alerting tools to send individual and group email and text notifications and messages within and outside the system for Incidents/Events, Resource Requests, Mission Assignments, and Action Requests.


Document & Report Management

Knowledge Center provides document management tools and capabilities for agencies, organizations, facilities, and incidents and is Microsoft Office compatible.



Knowledge Center web-based training is easy, convenient, and informative, providing access to training for all users in all locations. Training curriculums are offered in Basic, Advanced, Administrator, and Train-the-Trainer sessions and can be scheduled for on-site instruction as needed.


Patient Tracking

Following the clinical Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment (START) Triage method, HIMS provides Patient Tracking functionality to follow the patient from the scene of the incident through Reunification.

Knowledge Center Training & Support

Knowledge Center software provides situational intelligence by integrating next generation technologies for your common operating picture so you can train, exercise and educate your responders. Let the Team train and support your team to get the most return on your investment.

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