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Over the last six months, Knowledge Center has welcomed a new senior leadership team. Knowledge Center has offered Incident Management software and services for a decade, and the existing team, combined with the new leadership team, continues to provide highly available systems and services in an innovative and customer centric fashion.

Dami Hummel

In August of 2016, Dami Hummel joined the Knowledge Center team as President and CEO. Ms. Hummel has dedicated her career to Public Safety and continues to build teams and product lines that truly make a difference in a mission critical environment.

Shawn Ritter

In October of 2016, Shawn Ritter joined the Knowledge Center team as the Senior Director of Customer Experience and Account Management. Shawn has extensive experience in Fortune 500 Account Management and has a versatile skillset in product and project management.

Mike Nelson

In November of 2016, Mike Nelson joined the Knowledge Center team as the Chief Technology Officer. Mike is one of the leading experts in Public Safety technology and holds several patents in emergency call processing. Mike’s passion revolves around systems engineering and software development in an environment that provides highly available and reliable software systems and services.

Collectively, this senior leadership team brings over seventy years of experience in the Technology and Public Safety market space. They believe in making a difference when seconds matter!

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