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The New Hampshire Office of Emergency Management provides training and preparation assistance to communities across the state to give them the tools they need to handle an emergency incident, such as a hurricane, earthquake, or active shooter scenario.

Many of New Hampshire’s hospitals have yearly drills to practice protocols in the event an emergency incident occurs. The state’s officials have indicated that most of their 26 hospitals are able to handle trauma patients.

According to DHMC Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Alexander:

“We have strict protocols and plans in place where we deploy to certain areas of the hospital and set up with predesignated people in locations to handle the influx of patients that are going to come.”

New Hampshire Hospital Association relies on Knowledge Center software to contact these hospitals during an emergency. Emergency Services Director Leigh Chaney had this to say in regards to the use of Knowledge Center software:

“I’m actually communicating with the hospitals, and I’m able to find out what hospitals have for availability for patients, and I’m also able to find out what hospitals are available to help out the hospital that’s being inundated.”

“Every year, we’ve pushed to a farther level, and each year, those that were tested the year before come back with new ideas, and they’re invigorated, and they really buy into the preparedness, and I feel like we’re ready for that,” said Dr. Eric Martin, Trauma Surgeon at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Based on an article recently posted by broadcast station WMUR in New Hampshire.
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