Knowledge Center Enterprises, LLC. is headquartered in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

Since 2004, Knowledge Center (KC) has built on its popular KC-IMS system by introducing next-generation, turn-key emergency information management solutions designed and built for Hospital/Healthcare, Government, Commercial and Non-Profit organizations.  The KC-Hospital Incident Management System (KC-HIMS) and the KC-SARA Reporting Management Solution have joined KC-IMS to make a formidable Crisis Information Management Suite.

The KC product suite is completely functional out-of-the-box and can be easily deployed anytime, anywhere providing a common operating picture for daily operations, planned events, and crisis situations, large and small.  KC products are completely web based and provide real-time information and easy access to all users. The KC promotes a “virtual collaborative environment” to facilitate cooperation between Emergency Managers and provide instant access to integrated data sources, such as GIS Mapping and real-time weather.

Our commitment to providing a “collaborative environment”  doesn’t stop with our product suite.  It also extends to the level of communication we promote within our user community.  Knowledge Center Enterprises prides itself on its connection with the many communities its products serve.  Product updates, features and functions are based on first hand comments and requests from the very individuals who use our products in the real-world, during real-time events. Through this personal communication, the Knowledge Center software has become a remarkably effective, user friendly tool that keeps all levels of users connected, informed and making a difference.


Additional Information;

Knowledge Center  is also a member of several industry organizations including:

  • International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)
  • National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
  • IJIS Institute (IJIS)


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